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What is Monsanto? If you have been living under a rock I suppose it is conceivable you haven’t heard the name. However, what really is Monsanto and what do they do? Monsanto is a corporate contractor that has changed their slogan and “mission” several times. A weapons manufacturer is what they were most notable for before the mainstream media stink about genetics. Monsanto claims to be an agricultural company that vows to end world hunger. However, what they are actually doing would not only suggest that is not even close to the truth but, nigh, the exact opposite of what they are and what they want.

What are they doing and to what means then? Glad you asked. First lets start with who owns Monsanto. You wont be surprised to find that not only is Monsanto not new but its mission and its funding comes from a very unsurprising source, considering all the rhetoric that has been slanted at Monsanto recently. This shouldn’t surprise you, but hey, this is informative so we have some newcomers to the topic. Ever heard of EU bank or ECB? It is effectively the UN bank to distinguish the two is simply an argument of rhetoric. Ever heard of Bank of America? The organization you can thank for orchestrating Americas current “recession” that had record profits last year. It used to be called bank of Italy.Ever heard of the IRS or federal bank? It used to not exist and people didn’t work to have almost half their paychecks stolen. So, the rothchilds, Jp morgan, Goldman and Sachs and the luceferian elitist own over half of American food. Oh, thats cool.

What could these powers possibly want with AMERICAN food. We aren’t going hungry. Sure there are poor in the US as there are everywhere but the country as a whole is not starving or in any way short on resources. Power is what they want. They really cant do anything with more money, they make the money they control the market and the law. They cant control free will and civil disobedience or armed revolution… yeah that’s pretty much all that they cant thwart in america. Iran, Russia, China, north Korea, Cuba, iceland and a very very few select countries aren’t controlled by these powers. Even there, the power these people wield effects the citizens and those that do wield the power.

Monsanto, as we established, is a power grab for the most powerful people in the world. So, how are they doing this. The mission of this organization is to be the ONLY provider for any food in the whole world. They supply nearly 90% of the corn, the most utilized crop from the US and over half of soy. while these two crops are by no means the limit of their reach, with eggplants, tomatoes, weeds, grass and even salmon being owned by these people.

The problem with their food? Not only is it a huge power grab that will leave billions dead at the hands of self deluded Satan worshipping zealots, its already poisoning the soil, the bugs, the plants themselves, the cattle, the pigs, and the poultry. What else is left? Wild game? Depends. A huge majority of American farm land is now home to monsantos poison food. If you think wild game aren’t spreading this around and aren’t themselves eating it you are sadly mistaken. If the genetically modified plants are not destroyed then you can go ahead and expect an Eco system shift of proportions seen only with the speculation of the permian-triassic period.

How are genetically modified foods doing this? The genetically modified foods excrete a toxin that is supposed to kill pests, some are made to be what Monsanto claims is round up ready. Both ideas and implementations sound great, less pests, more harvest, more food. However, the bugs that kill or eat the crops quickly adapted where the bugs that pollinate the crops are being destroyed. This means more round up and less productivity. The round up contains a chemical known as glyphosate which has been proven to cause infertility, kidney and liver damage which inevitably leads to death and without procreation, eventual extinction. Thanks to genetically modified foods this chemical and the other chemicals found in pesticides are more prevelant, in higher concentrations than ever before in history. It has been known since the 1970’s that pesticides, namely DDT and glyphosate caused horrible birth defects and diseases in very low dosages.The round up is not only dangerous to crop friendly bugs, livestock and humans but also attacks the soil. Demineralization of the soil in which crops using round up are grown is a proven fact. This demineralization leads to soil that yields sick plants and crops that produce little to no harvest. Once the plants get sick, getting the fungus or bacteria out of the soil is a feat of futility, effectively making the land useless for agriculture. The wonderful thing about this is that these crop consuming micro organisms are among the most resilient class of life on the planet and also the fastest procreators meaning they spread, and spread fast. This taints the land around the land used for genetically modified crops as well. There is european LEGISLATION to evidence the claims. Farms in the EU have been fighting these infectious organisms off for years, largely unsuccessfully. Let’s recap, its kills pollinators, it mutates pests, it requires more pesticides, it shows lower yields than conventional crops, it demineralizes the soil causing lower nutritional value and lower yields, it contaminates adjacent lands and effects yields not only on the land it is grown, it causes diseases in humans and unborn children as well as young children and it is all owned by power hungry cult-inspired bankers that want to see the world burn.

If that isn’t enough to get you to understand why this should be a priority topic for every single human being on this planet, don’t worry there is more.

Lets get down to the science and the myths being portrayed about the science behind genetically modified food. I’m not sure where this propaganda started but lets explain it’s sentiment:

DNA is like a computer code. You can copy the code from one place and paste into another place and it will serve the same function, effectively allowing you to harvest all of the good qualities of one organism and inject them into another. Genetically modified foods do this by taking DNA from one organism and injecting it into another organism essentially copying and pasting the code.

This is a complete and utter fallacy, nothing about it is accurate. DNA is nothing like computer code, nothing about it can be compared. The only ANALOGY you could make is that you can create different forms of software with different code and you can create different organisms with different combinations of DNA. That is where the difference ends. DNA is the most complex natural occurring molecule known to man. We have made great strides in MAPPING several different DNA genomes, especially in recent years. This mapping is not accurate, it is not complete and it only covers a very small portion of the knowledge necessary to even understand DNA, let alone accurately manipulate it.

There are some scientists that have a RELATIVELY successful rate of COPYING the DNA via different mediums and the injecting the copied Dna into a carrier cell, an egg or a seed and growing an ALMOST identical organism to that of the one that held the host DNA. Even that is not only difficult but wrought with obstacles and failures.

What actually happens when creating genetically engineered organisms is, and I admit I am neither an expert nor expect others to be an expert so will make it as simple as possible:

1. Host DNA is irradiated(nuked) shot with very high intensity radiation. This is done to seperate the DNA into fractions. This process also causes subatomic instability which can cause the DNA atoms to become isotopes, or radioactive by stripping nuetrons from the atom.

2. The irradiated DNA segments are injected into E. Coli bacteria (one of the most prevelant bacteria on earth often associated with gut flora)

3. The E. Coli bacteria are injected into the carrier cell, egg or seed. During this process the stability of the cell can be compromised or the bacteria itself. Which would lead to the death of either one and a complete failure of the expirement.

4. The E. Coli feeds on the carrier cell and excretes(in theory) the irradiated DNA as waste which may or may not infuse with the carrier cell.

5. Sit and wait. IF the carrier cell develops which isn’t promising considering that the DNA is possibly radioactive, the carrier cell wall may have been compromised or the E. Coli itself may have been compromised, the organism is studied to determine if anything is different. Considering the complexity of the process just to reproduce DNA in a cell, the likelyhood that the new DNA is even incorporated is simply speculation. If it IS incorporated there is absolutely no way to know what effect it has had until it has been tested, over and over and over, which leads to dilution of the DNA of the original specimen injected(as you have to study it over generations of the organism) with the E.coli or further, naturally causes mutation.

So what Monsanto usually produces is just an inbred plant that is not only sick but incapable of warding off disease after generations of being grown in a controlled environment where variables are kept to a minimum to study any POSSIBLE effects.

Any claims about their crops are purely speculation on their part and it really doesn’t matter because its not about the science, its about the politics, the power and the money.