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What is Anarchy?

Anarchy is chaos, there are no laws and everyone runs around doing whatever they want. Stealing, killing, raping and committing all sorts of horrible crimes. That IS what Anarchy is right? I mean that’s what we have been told since we were very little. We were told by our government, our schools and even and most of all from Hollywood. Alright, I want to make this clear, Anarchy is NOT chaos and disorder and lawlessness. Anarchy is the absence of a ruling body that governs people. Anarchy is self governance. Why would such thoughts need to be beaten into our head about Anarchy though, that it is bad, horrible, end of the world type of situation even. 

That’s because the truth is, YOU LIVE IN ANARCHY. We all live in Anarchy and government is simply an illusion. It is more of a belief than an entity. It is a belief that is easily manipulated. No one understands, truly, what government is and those that are willing to take advantage of this inevitable ignorance can’t have the loss of the perpetuation of such an idea. You see, the government doesn’t force you to wake up in the morning, to go to work, to pay your bills, not to hurt people, not to steal, to be creative, to be healthy, to be loving. All of these things are your CHOICE. The government can do nothing about free will and Anarchy is very simply free will. However, without an illusory government system. A government system that only interjects itself into your life… when? When do you have to deal with this boogey man that is the government? Oh that is right, when you are signing over your rights, when you are being extorted in the name of taxes, when you are being harassed by law enforcement over some code/regulation/statute that is not only not a law but shouldn’t apply to you and more often than not actually doesn’t. The government, much like religion(not spirituality or beliefs), the boogey man and tall tales are all forms of control. Thought control. Convincing a mass of people that they must submit to the demands of a very select few people in the interest of what is claimed to be the common good is nothing more than thought control. These people, we call politicians, have more than they could ever possibly need and have such a lack of moral compass, such a disconnect from humanity and compassion, that they have no problem using people’s ignorance in order to steal their money and get them to do what they want. Stealing from people that have next to, if not, absolutely nothing to call their own. 

“The government(s)” do not prevent crimes. They do not enforce laws. They do not help the poor. They do not defend you or your family. Quite the contrary. They break the laws and make them up as they go. They steal from the poor and give to the rich. They go around stealing resources, wealth and territory while using propaganda to convince people that it is necessary for their safety, meanwhile pissing off the people they step on… in your name. They claim to represent you, or the people that reside inside of imaginary borders that they have drawn. Then in the name of those people they slaughter innocent men, women and children and tell you how those people were monsters and wanted to kill you and they had to die for your safety. Government or those acting arbitrarily in the name of government or using it as a guise have killed more people than cancer, medical malpractice, car accidents, drug overdoses and murders not committed in the name of governments combined. There is no bigger threat to humanity than government, as has only been proven throughout history. Yet, somehow humanity clings to this idea of a ruling class. Of a ruling authority. That someone must manage them because they are incapable of managing themselves. 

If we stopped BELIEVING that government existed, it would vanish. That’s all you have to do, stop believing it. Stop giving your money away to extortionists through taxes. Stop paying arbitrary fines that have no basis in law. Stop supporting this idea that police and military, armed jack boot thugs, somehow protect you with their inciting of violence on other people. Stop voting and proving that their thought control is working. Stop watching them no the television. Stop listening to their debates and phony false flag operations and propaganda. Stop hating. Stop letting corporations tack on needless fees.


MOST IMPORTANTLY stop being scared. Without fear, the boogey man can not exist. As long as you are scared that some men dressed in black and with a metal piece of garbage attached to their clothing that says government on it are going to come and get you if you don’t support their false ideas, the world will have governments, politicians, civil extortionists, murderers and criminals. The military’s of the world will crumble and war will cease to exist as we know it. There will be no more genocides committed “legally” and habitually throughout the world EVERY year. This absence of fear, this absence of “government” can and will be filled with love, compassion, creativity, community and an expansion of conscience, an evolution of thought and spirit that most people cannot imagine. 

I think many would argue that without governments that corporations would run awry, that criminals would run free, that people would be able to do whatever they want. That is simply not the case. Corporations are only as powerful as they are because they take advantage of humanities belief in government. The government subsidizes the global corporations and without the subsidies these corporations would not be able to exist on such a scale. The “regulations” that keep people from being able to start a business, to build their idea, to better someone else’s idea wouldn’t exist to cripple competition in the market place. People informing themselves and informing others of their experiences… kind of like we do today… would prevent the fraud that many would argue that would plague the world without government. There is fraud today. Guess who perpetrates more fraud than the worlds criminals combined? “Legal” government officials, statutes, regulations, codes and propaganda. There is criminals today. People are murdered, assaulted, stolen from. There will likely always be criminals. Government doesn’t serve to deter such a thing. PEOPLE serve that purpose. 



As a young child there was an idea that was constantly reinforced in my life. “You are an extremely intelligent young man and you are capable of doing anything you want.” Later in my childhood the idea that intelligent men were wise and commanded a vast quantity of Knowledge was indoctrinated even further still. “Education will change the world, save the world even. You must learn as much as you can as often as you can. Knowledge is power.”

With the idea that I was incredibly intelligent and in that design I must possess and command Knowledge, I spent much of my early adulthood on a quest. I would find this Knowledge, for I am very intelligent and I must thirst for such knowledge and wield it in my blessed intelligence.

I searched near, within my mentors, my family, my friends, my educational tools. I did not find the Knowledge. Was my fault that I was looking near and not far? I must change my approach.

I left behind all that was familiar, in an attempt to conquer Knowledge. I traveled further than I had ever been before. If Knowledge showed no traces where I was then I would find it somewhere else. I would travel as far as I had to.

Again, I searched. I looked high and low. I didn’t find it. I must get further. I traveled and searched, everywhere. There were many that professed they had found Knowledge and even that they commanded it with proficiency. When they would bare their professed Knowledge they were left empty handed, without vindication. They did not command, or even fathom the power let alone the notion of Knowledge.

After getting as far as I could possibly get from where I started, through the seas, the skies and all of the land, I had not found one trace of Knowledge. I became weary, frustrated and demoralized. I must once again move further, change my approach.

This time I would abandon physical restrictions in my attempts. I would not search high, low, far or wide. I would not travel and I would not look with my eyes or hear with my ears. I would continue the search for, even though beaten down, I still had the time and energy to conquer mountains.

Inside myself I would delve, as deep as I had to. I had to deal with the hurdles of anger, frustration, hate and the worst of all, fear. As I began to cross the last hill of deception, the darkest fears of my mind, I started to understand. What I found was enlightening. My quest had taken me so far. It had given me such hardship that it could not be adequately expressed to another.

Through all the pain, I had endured. My journey was about to come to an end and Knowledge would embrace me and validate my struggles.

Down the last slope, I rolled, I fell. I got up to my knees, I crawled. Only a little further, only a little darker. This is not the time to give up, you are so close. That’s it, push.

Here I am, before YOU. A man that has endured through a short and arduous life. I have what you think you want. Knowledge. It is not your loosely correlated data, it is not your facts, it is not your books, it is not your tests, manic experiments. It is not your philosophy and it is not your religion, your institutions, your laws, your churches.

Knowledge, the truth, the power. I have it. Finally. It is… no. It is not. Knowledge is not. Knowledge is absent, vacant, missing. It simply is not, it does not exist. It is a void.

A void, that is knowledge. You may put whatever you want into it and even convince others that something is there but it very simply, is not.

There is no knowledge. Not a scrap of evidence to suggest any indication of its existence. It is not here, there. I do not have it and neither does he. It is not inside you and it is not outside. It is not obtainable or otherwise unobtainable for that matter.

Now, I am a man. A man who has endured. A man believed to be intelligent. Convinced even by myself that perhaps that statement has any significance. A man that is supposed to be wise. I should be able to answer your questions. I am believed to be able to give you hope in the absence of your own understanding, your grasp of knowledge. Surely, I have it.

I today stand as a self professed educator, a mentor and at times a prophet. If you take nothing else from me I wish you to take this: there is no knowledge and you are its slave. Knowledge is not power. For that to be true there would need to be knowledge. There is only power. Power that you submit to under lies, false pretenses that there is unarguably a knowledge that you are unable to obtain and unable to command. That what you have been told is true. That there is a right answer. Today you must understand, everything you attribute to knowledge is nothing more than a deception. You have been deceived.

People are stupid

“People are so stupid.” “People are so ignorant.” “People only care about themselves.” “People don’t want to learn.” “People are comfortable in their ignorance.” “People don’t want to test the water.” “People are incompetent.”

I hear these things all the time.I wonder who these people are that, it seems, everyone is talking about. I have met people from all over the world. From all walks of life. Rich people, poor people, vegetarians, hunters, religious, anti-religious, black, red, yellow, white and brown. I have met some people that were ignorant, stupid, self absorbed, incapable of learning, unwilling to learn, cowards and those that were incompetent. I however wouldn’t group everyone in with them, not most, not even a majority of them.

Most of the people I have met in my lifetime are fucking awesome. Compassionate, intelligent, curious and creative. Most of the people I have met have ideas, dreams, hopes and fears. Most of the people I have met have been somewhere, done something, they have a story and a future to write another. Most of the people I have met are very different from any other person I have ever met, individuals in their own right.

I sometimes wonder what it is that “people” gain by calling “people” stupid, ignorant, incompetent and selfish. It seems that it only serves to narrow your own perception and fill your head with doubts, reservations and an inability to trust others. Today I challenge you to see the good in others, love unconditionally and only recognize character flaws that actually exist instead of creating them before you have come to know someone and where it is they have been, why they are the way they are and why their perception of the world may be different than your own.


Children Rejecting God

I used to proudly proclaim that I denounced religion all together at a very early age thinking that somehow it showed in me an advanced maturity that others would be hard pressed to attain at such an age. “I do not believe in God.” What could possibly inspire a child to utter such words? Today, it seems perverse, bizarre and impossible that it was “of my own accord.” Trying to justify the thoughts of a child in denouncing god as one of logical conclusion just doesn’t seem logical. We are not born with a desire to denounce spirituality, religion and most definitely not our creator. In fact, though I had prided myself for so long in my actions, any time I was approached by God I would feel an overwhelming wave of reassurance and serinity. Pride, pride kept me pushing away God. That wasn’t all, shame played a large role in my inability to confess not only my mistake in denouncing God but in my selfishness of not wanting to lose a self deluded idea that somehow denouncing God made me better. It didn’t, nothing about it made me better and I cannot and will not accept that somehow, at such an early age I figured out something that I believed to be not only correct but in conflict with everyone around me and thousands of years of praise and worship. I have been hard pressed, trying to figure out what could have tempted me so. You see, temptation is a nasty thing. It is in fact the work of Satan himself. Everyday we are tempted. Tempted with, television, fast food, convenience, sex, money and our own pride and selfishness. It has taken me far too long, not to recognize my mistake as I believe I have known all along it was a mistake, my own pride and temptation. We must all question not only those and things that surround us but ourselves as well. We must recognize when we have fooled ourselves and be able to admit when we are wrong, even if we must give up power, in what ever form it may take, in order to come to terms with what is true. God is true, he is here and he never left. Please, do not feel like you will be sacrificing yourself or a power you wish to have by denying yourself of God. There is NO greater power than that of the almighty and it is the only power you need to wield in order to be whole. This day I thank God for all he has done for me, even and especially, when I have denied him.

The traveller

Yesterday I got off of work after working from 10pm until 2pm the next day. I was tired and I was frustrated and wanted nothing more than to go home and crawl into bed and forget the world.

I was walking to my car and noticed a man in his mid forties standing next to the smoking area. I do not want to say it was obvious but the personal affairs of this man seemed to be one of someone who lived in a radically different reality than myself. So I approached the man.

“How are you doing today sir?” “Oh, I’m ok, just trying to make it to Louisville. I would walk it but my feet are killing me from walking twenty miles from Madison yesterday.”

My suspicions gained more ground. I believed this man was what he later reffered to as “a traveller” or what most would refer to as a drifter. I liked his label much more as I have recently wondered what such a life must be like and never thought of it in a negative light but as a free and empowering idea. Oppurtunity to go where the wind takes you, not tied down by the responsibility of a conventional job, being completely and solely reliant on your ability to survive not in a forest of trees and streams but in a forest of concrete and asphalt.

I told the man that I needed to go to the pawn shop to pick up my TV which was in the closest city, closer to Louisville. I suddenly realized that I had once been very close to his situation in which utility, or being resourceful, was necessary to accomplish my goals. I had relied on the public transit system in Louisville and there was indeed a bus that ran very close to the pawn shop.

After sitting on hold for ten minutes and learning more about this most interesting soul while conversing to The rolling stones(amazing “on hold” music, mind you) I learned and shared a great deal with the man I came to know as Shawn. We ended up figuring out that the route and time hadn’t changed since eight years earlier when I had last made use of the bus route.

We jumped in the car and covered the five miles to the pawn shop while I explained that I had pawned my television for gas money to visit my parents who lived WAY out in the middle of nowhere. Shawn helped load the television into the car, we grabbed some cheap burritos from a close by fast food restraunt and headed over to the bus stop.

The bus stop was at a park, or rather a run route. There was a nice gazebo that we sat at for the next three hours while we talked about everything from the societal disconnect from reality that has ushered in a war on compassion to genetically modified food and how banks are ruining our food, not to mention everything else, to God and our history involving god. We both talked extensively about ourselves as well, explaining the chain of events that eventually led to our meeting.

We were both exhausted and I contemplated leaving to go to bed several times but decided I would stay for several reasons. Had the bus not come I would have gladly taken the twenty mile trip to help out such a kind, intelligent and down to earth individual. I knew that this transit system wasn’t completely reliable seeing as it had failed me in the past. Also, the area we were in was very “ritzy” and the last thing I wanted was for some precocious teenager that was utilizing the public area to give Shawn any trouble. most of all though, the intrigue was so striking that I felt drawn to him.

I saved shawns story for the end of this tale because it was one that touched me and drove me to want to keep in touch with the man that had no ties to anything. Shawn grew up in Chicago. Travelling is his life and from what I could discern, it has been for long enough that it really IS him and not just a situation in which he is in. Shawn has no living relatives, no family, no one to confide in and no support system what so ever, he relies completely on himself for his physical, mental and emotional well being.

He was travelling to Louisville from Colombus, Ohio. That is a very long way to travel with no money. Even more impressive is that this man hasn’t just traveled back and forth from Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky. He lived in Las Vegas a little less than ten years ago. While there he travelled from Reno to Vegas and visa versa a few times. If you are unfamiliar with that route, there is NOTHING, not a city, not a tree and hardly anything living for HUNDREDS of miles. Just sand and asphalt. To me, an impossible journey, to Shawn it was hard, annoying, not something he would want to do again but something he would if he must and he knew how, what he would have to have to survive the journey.

Shawn stayed for a few months here and there, almost exclusively in large cities where welfare for the poor or homeless is more structured and much better funded. When asked about the shelters he stayed in he replied very non-chalantly, as this is his reality and nothing about it seems radical or far fetched for the man living in what much of society would see as being “hit rock bottom,” he said, “It’s not too bad, some of them are like a lodge and then there are ones, like in Los Angeles that are run down, full of drugs and places that you just stay away from.”

In his vest pockets and his small bag that was a shoulder carry bag that couldn’t hold much, he claimed he had everything you would need to survive. Bandages and ice packs seemed to be his prized possessions. No smart phone, Ipad, no keys to a car or certificate, no jewelry or membership cards not even a snack. Those things would all be useless in shawns eyes. He had his rolled cigarettes, two bottles of water, his vest and the clothes on his back and what little he could fit in his bag. Seemingly, perfectly content, while admittedly exhausted.

The day before Shawn had walked from Madison, Indiana to what we eventually figured out was Carrolton, Ky. The man had no idea that had he walked the completely opposite direction that he would have made it to clarksville which is right across the river from Louisville. Both cities have buses that run back and forth. Regardless of his unknown setback he chalked the walk up to a tired day in which few offered to acknowledge his existence and many had made it a point to be an obstacle in his path for no justifiable reason, he was a bus ride away from his destination where he was unsure whether or not he would have a place to lay his head.

When we sat down to eat I asked him a question, unsure what that question was now because I realized I was interrupting his prayer. After realizing that my actions were, in my eyes, rude I bowed my head and listened to shawns prayer. A prayer very similar to the prayer that my Biological fathers family would recite before we would have a meal together.

“Dear god, thank you for this food. May you bless it and allow it to nourish our bodies and bring us good health. Thank you for your wisdom and your grace and thank you for all that you have given us. Thank you for this day. In the name of the son, Mary and the father I pray, amen.”


We ate. Thankful.

After a moment of taking in the prayer, eating with a gratitude that is not normally felt when I have a meal, I apologized for interrupting his prayer.

Dismissive toward my remorse, Shawn turned the feelings of regret into curiosity. “I pray before every meal. You have to have god with you. He is everywhere and he is the only person you need. Well, and Jesus and Mary.” I assume his faith stems from Catholicism, as the Protestant religions I grew up with do not place much importance on Mary past being Jesus mother which somehow seems to hold no more importance than being a miracle that she was given Jesus as a virgin.

As we were talking about our history with God and religion we became deeply embedded in the conversation, there was simply nothing else in the world going on. Two men, brought together by chance, or destiny if you will, sitting in a gazebo on a Friday afternoon sharing our stories. Both admittedly and reapetedly proclaiming our exhaustion.

So embedded in our own little universe that it could only be said that God himself pulled me just enough out of the conversation to realize that disaster would soon strike if I didn’t act. In a panic, almost falling over I shouted. “THE BUS!” Haha, you like what I did there?

Shawn jumped up, thanked me for everything, wished me luck and signed off with, “God bless you.”

A deep sinking feeling came over me! “WAIT!” My SOUL wanted to scream out but it would have been in vain As he was already on the bus. I wanted to give shawn a way to contact me and let me know how things were going and what he was doing. I suppose that’s just not what was meant to be nor in line with shawn’s reality or habit.

I took away from this encounter a renewed curiosity about the people around me. I know I could never live shawns life or identify with him completely but for a few hours on a cloudless, beautiful day in April I stepped into a world that was previously unknown to me and met one of the most interesting and sincere people have had the pleasure of spending time with.


What is Monsanto? If you have been living under a rock I suppose it is conceivable you haven’t heard the name. However, what really is Monsanto and what do they do? Monsanto is a corporate contractor that has changed their slogan and “mission” several times. A weapons manufacturer is what they were most notable for before the mainstream media stink about genetics. Monsanto claims to be an agricultural company that vows to end world hunger. However, what they are actually doing would not only suggest that is not even close to the truth but, nigh, the exact opposite of what they are and what they want.

What are they doing and to what means then? Glad you asked. First lets start with who owns Monsanto. You wont be surprised to find that not only is Monsanto not new but its mission and its funding comes from a very unsurprising source, considering all the rhetoric that has been slanted at Monsanto recently. This shouldn’t surprise you, but hey, this is informative so we have some newcomers to the topic. Ever heard of EU bank or ECB? It is effectively the UN bank to distinguish the two is simply an argument of rhetoric. Ever heard of Bank of America? The organization you can thank for orchestrating Americas current “recession” that had record profits last year. It used to be called bank of Italy.Ever heard of the IRS or federal bank? It used to not exist and people didn’t work to have almost half their paychecks stolen. So, the rothchilds, Jp morgan, Goldman and Sachs and the luceferian elitist own over half of American food. Oh, thats cool.

What could these powers possibly want with AMERICAN food. We aren’t going hungry. Sure there are poor in the US as there are everywhere but the country as a whole is not starving or in any way short on resources. Power is what they want. They really cant do anything with more money, they make the money they control the market and the law. They cant control free will and civil disobedience or armed revolution… yeah that’s pretty much all that they cant thwart in america. Iran, Russia, China, north Korea, Cuba, iceland and a very very few select countries aren’t controlled by these powers. Even there, the power these people wield effects the citizens and those that do wield the power.

Monsanto, as we established, is a power grab for the most powerful people in the world. So, how are they doing this. The mission of this organization is to be the ONLY provider for any food in the whole world. They supply nearly 90% of the corn, the most utilized crop from the US and over half of soy. while these two crops are by no means the limit of their reach, with eggplants, tomatoes, weeds, grass and even salmon being owned by these people.

The problem with their food? Not only is it a huge power grab that will leave billions dead at the hands of self deluded Satan worshipping zealots, its already poisoning the soil, the bugs, the plants themselves, the cattle, the pigs, and the poultry. What else is left? Wild game? Depends. A huge majority of American farm land is now home to monsantos poison food. If you think wild game aren’t spreading this around and aren’t themselves eating it you are sadly mistaken. If the genetically modified plants are not destroyed then you can go ahead and expect an Eco system shift of proportions seen only with the speculation of the permian-triassic period.

How are genetically modified foods doing this? The genetically modified foods excrete a toxin that is supposed to kill pests, some are made to be what Monsanto claims is round up ready. Both ideas and implementations sound great, less pests, more harvest, more food. However, the bugs that kill or eat the crops quickly adapted where the bugs that pollinate the crops are being destroyed. This means more round up and less productivity. The round up contains a chemical known as glyphosate which has been proven to cause infertility, kidney and liver damage which inevitably leads to death and without procreation, eventual extinction. Thanks to genetically modified foods this chemical and the other chemicals found in pesticides are more prevelant, in higher concentrations than ever before in history. It has been known since the 1970’s that pesticides, namely DDT and glyphosate caused horrible birth defects and diseases in very low dosages.The round up is not only dangerous to crop friendly bugs, livestock and humans but also attacks the soil. Demineralization of the soil in which crops using round up are grown is a proven fact. This demineralization leads to soil that yields sick plants and crops that produce little to no harvest. Once the plants get sick, getting the fungus or bacteria out of the soil is a feat of futility, effectively making the land useless for agriculture. The wonderful thing about this is that these crop consuming micro organisms are among the most resilient class of life on the planet and also the fastest procreators meaning they spread, and spread fast. This taints the land around the land used for genetically modified crops as well. There is european LEGISLATION to evidence the claims. Farms in the EU have been fighting these infectious organisms off for years, largely unsuccessfully. Let’s recap, its kills pollinators, it mutates pests, it requires more pesticides, it shows lower yields than conventional crops, it demineralizes the soil causing lower nutritional value and lower yields, it contaminates adjacent lands and effects yields not only on the land it is grown, it causes diseases in humans and unborn children as well as young children and it is all owned by power hungry cult-inspired bankers that want to see the world burn.

If that isn’t enough to get you to understand why this should be a priority topic for every single human being on this planet, don’t worry there is more.

Lets get down to the science and the myths being portrayed about the science behind genetically modified food. I’m not sure where this propaganda started but lets explain it’s sentiment:

DNA is like a computer code. You can copy the code from one place and paste into another place and it will serve the same function, effectively allowing you to harvest all of the good qualities of one organism and inject them into another. Genetically modified foods do this by taking DNA from one organism and injecting it into another organism essentially copying and pasting the code.

This is a complete and utter fallacy, nothing about it is accurate. DNA is nothing like computer code, nothing about it can be compared. The only ANALOGY you could make is that you can create different forms of software with different code and you can create different organisms with different combinations of DNA. That is where the difference ends. DNA is the most complex natural occurring molecule known to man. We have made great strides in MAPPING several different DNA genomes, especially in recent years. This mapping is not accurate, it is not complete and it only covers a very small portion of the knowledge necessary to even understand DNA, let alone accurately manipulate it.

There are some scientists that have a RELATIVELY successful rate of COPYING the DNA via different mediums and the injecting the copied Dna into a carrier cell, an egg or a seed and growing an ALMOST identical organism to that of the one that held the host DNA. Even that is not only difficult but wrought with obstacles and failures.

What actually happens when creating genetically engineered organisms is, and I admit I am neither an expert nor expect others to be an expert so will make it as simple as possible:

1. Host DNA is irradiated(nuked) shot with very high intensity radiation. This is done to seperate the DNA into fractions. This process also causes subatomic instability which can cause the DNA atoms to become isotopes, or radioactive by stripping nuetrons from the atom.

2. The irradiated DNA segments are injected into E. Coli bacteria (one of the most prevelant bacteria on earth often associated with gut flora)

3. The E. Coli bacteria are injected into the carrier cell, egg or seed. During this process the stability of the cell can be compromised or the bacteria itself. Which would lead to the death of either one and a complete failure of the expirement.

4. The E. Coli feeds on the carrier cell and excretes(in theory) the irradiated DNA as waste which may or may not infuse with the carrier cell.

5. Sit and wait. IF the carrier cell develops which isn’t promising considering that the DNA is possibly radioactive, the carrier cell wall may have been compromised or the E. Coli itself may have been compromised, the organism is studied to determine if anything is different. Considering the complexity of the process just to reproduce DNA in a cell, the likelyhood that the new DNA is even incorporated is simply speculation. If it IS incorporated there is absolutely no way to know what effect it has had until it has been tested, over and over and over, which leads to dilution of the DNA of the original specimen injected(as you have to study it over generations of the organism) with the E.coli or further, naturally causes mutation.

So what Monsanto usually produces is just an inbred plant that is not only sick but incapable of warding off disease after generations of being grown in a controlled environment where variables are kept to a minimum to study any POSSIBLE effects.

Any claims about their crops are purely speculation on their part and it really doesn’t matter because its not about the science, its about the politics, the power and the money.