What is Anarchy?

Anarchy is chaos, there are no laws and everyone runs around doing whatever they want. Stealing, killing, raping and committing all sorts of horrible crimes. That IS what Anarchy is right? I mean that’s what we have been told since we were very little. We were told by our government, our schools and even and most of all from Hollywood. Alright, I want to make this clear, Anarchy is NOT chaos and disorder and lawlessness. Anarchy is the absence of a ruling body that governs people. Anarchy is self governance. Why would such thoughts need to be beaten into our head about Anarchy though, that it is bad, horrible, end of the world type of situation even. 

That’s because the truth is, YOU LIVE IN ANARCHY. We all live in Anarchy and government is simply an illusion. It is more of a belief than an entity. It is a belief that is easily manipulated. No one understands, truly, what government is and those that are willing to take advantage of this inevitable ignorance can’t have the loss of the perpetuation of such an idea. You see, the government doesn’t force you to wake up in the morning, to go to work, to pay your bills, not to hurt people, not to steal, to be creative, to be healthy, to be loving. All of these things are your CHOICE. The government can do nothing about free will and Anarchy is very simply free will. However, without an illusory government system. A government system that only interjects itself into your life… when? When do you have to deal with this boogey man that is the government? Oh that is right, when you are signing over your rights, when you are being extorted in the name of taxes, when you are being harassed by law enforcement over some code/regulation/statute that is not only not a law but shouldn’t apply to you and more often than not actually doesn’t. The government, much like religion(not spirituality or beliefs), the boogey man and tall tales are all forms of control. Thought control. Convincing a mass of people that they must submit to the demands of a very select few people in the interest of what is claimed to be the common good is nothing more than thought control. These people, we call politicians, have more than they could ever possibly need and have such a lack of moral compass, such a disconnect from humanity and compassion, that they have no problem using people’s ignorance in order to steal their money and get them to do what they want. Stealing from people that have next to, if not, absolutely nothing to call their own. 

“The government(s)” do not prevent crimes. They do not enforce laws. They do not help the poor. They do not defend you or your family. Quite the contrary. They break the laws and make them up as they go. They steal from the poor and give to the rich. They go around stealing resources, wealth and territory while using propaganda to convince people that it is necessary for their safety, meanwhile pissing off the people they step on… in your name. They claim to represent you, or the people that reside inside of imaginary borders that they have drawn. Then in the name of those people they slaughter innocent men, women and children and tell you how those people were monsters and wanted to kill you and they had to die for your safety. Government or those acting arbitrarily in the name of government or using it as a guise have killed more people than cancer, medical malpractice, car accidents, drug overdoses and murders not committed in the name of governments combined. There is no bigger threat to humanity than government, as has only been proven throughout history. Yet, somehow humanity clings to this idea of a ruling class. Of a ruling authority. That someone must manage them because they are incapable of managing themselves. 

If we stopped BELIEVING that government existed, it would vanish. That’s all you have to do, stop believing it. Stop giving your money away to extortionists through taxes. Stop paying arbitrary fines that have no basis in law. Stop supporting this idea that police and military, armed jack boot thugs, somehow protect you with their inciting of violence on other people. Stop voting and proving that their thought control is working. Stop watching them no the television. Stop listening to their debates and phony false flag operations and propaganda. Stop hating. Stop letting corporations tack on needless fees.


MOST IMPORTANTLY stop being scared. Without fear, the boogey man can not exist. As long as you are scared that some men dressed in black and with a metal piece of garbage attached to their clothing that says government on it are going to come and get you if you don’t support their false ideas, the world will have governments, politicians, civil extortionists, murderers and criminals. The military’s of the world will crumble and war will cease to exist as we know it. There will be no more genocides committed “legally” and habitually throughout the world EVERY year. This absence of fear, this absence of “government” can and will be filled with love, compassion, creativity, community and an expansion of conscience, an evolution of thought and spirit that most people cannot imagine. 

I think many would argue that without governments that corporations would run awry, that criminals would run free, that people would be able to do whatever they want. That is simply not the case. Corporations are only as powerful as they are because they take advantage of humanities belief in government. The government subsidizes the global corporations and without the subsidies these corporations would not be able to exist on such a scale. The “regulations” that keep people from being able to start a business, to build their idea, to better someone else’s idea wouldn’t exist to cripple competition in the market place. People informing themselves and informing others of their experiences… kind of like we do today… would prevent the fraud that many would argue that would plague the world without government. There is fraud today. Guess who perpetrates more fraud than the worlds criminals combined? “Legal” government officials, statutes, regulations, codes and propaganda. There is criminals today. People are murdered, assaulted, stolen from. There will likely always be criminals. Government doesn’t serve to deter such a thing. PEOPLE serve that purpose. 


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