People are stupid

“People are so stupid.” “People are so ignorant.” “People only care about themselves.” “People don’t want to learn.” “People are comfortable in their ignorance.” “People don’t want to test the water.” “People are incompetent.”

I hear these things all the time.I wonder who these people are that, it seems, everyone is talking about. I have met people from all over the world. From all walks of life. Rich people, poor people, vegetarians, hunters, religious, anti-religious, black, red, yellow, white and brown. I have met some people that were ignorant, stupid, self absorbed, incapable of learning, unwilling to learn, cowards and those that were incompetent. I however wouldn’t group everyone in with them, not most, not even a majority of them.

Most of the people I have met in my lifetime are fucking awesome. Compassionate, intelligent, curious and creative. Most of the people I have met have ideas, dreams, hopes and fears. Most of the people I have met have been somewhere, done something, they have a story and a future to write another. Most of the people I have met are very different from any other person I have ever met, individuals in their own right.

I sometimes wonder what it is that “people” gain by calling “people” stupid, ignorant, incompetent and selfish. It seems that it only serves to narrow your own perception and fill your head with doubts, reservations and an inability to trust others. Today I challenge you to see the good in others, love unconditionally and only recognize character flaws that actually exist instead of creating them before you have come to know someone and where it is they have been, why they are the way they are and why their perception of the world may be different than your own.



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