As a young child there was an idea that was constantly reinforced in my life. “You are an extremely intelligent young man and you are capable of doing anything you want.” Later in my childhood the idea that intelligent men were wise and commanded a vast quantity of Knowledge was indoctrinated even further still. “Education will change the world, save the world even. You must learn as much as you can as often as you can. Knowledge is power.”

With the idea that I was incredibly intelligent and in that design I must possess and command Knowledge, I spent much of my early adulthood on a quest. I would find this Knowledge, for I am very intelligent and I must thirst for such knowledge and wield it in my blessed intelligence.

I searched near, within my mentors, my family, my friends, my educational tools. I did not find the Knowledge. Was my fault that I was looking near and not far? I must change my approach.

I left behind all that was familiar, in an attempt to conquer Knowledge. I traveled further than I had ever been before. If Knowledge showed no traces where I was then I would find it somewhere else. I would travel as far as I had to.

Again, I searched. I looked high and low. I didn’t find it. I must get further. I traveled and searched, everywhere. There were many that professed they had found Knowledge and even that they commanded it with proficiency. When they would bare their professed Knowledge they were left empty handed, without vindication. They did not command, or even fathom the power let alone the notion of Knowledge.

After getting as far as I could possibly get from where I started, through the seas, the skies and all of the land, I had not found one trace of Knowledge. I became weary, frustrated and demoralized. I must once again move further, change my approach.

This time I would abandon physical restrictions in my attempts. I would not search high, low, far or wide. I would not travel and I would not look with my eyes or hear with my ears. I would continue the search for, even though beaten down, I still had the time and energy to conquer mountains.

Inside myself I would delve, as deep as I had to. I had to deal with the hurdles of anger, frustration, hate and the worst of all, fear. As I began to cross the last hill of deception, the darkest fears of my mind, I started to understand. What I found was enlightening. My quest had taken me so far. It had given me such hardship that it could not be adequately expressed to another.

Through all the pain, I had endured. My journey was about to come to an end and Knowledge would embrace me and validate my struggles.

Down the last slope, I rolled, I fell. I got up to my knees, I crawled. Only a little further, only a little darker. This is not the time to give up, you are so close. That’s it, push.

Here I am, before YOU. A man that has endured through a short and arduous life. I have what you think you want. Knowledge. It is not your loosely correlated data, it is not your facts, it is not your books, it is not your tests, manic experiments. It is not your philosophy and it is not your religion, your institutions, your laws, your churches.

Knowledge, the truth, the power. I have it. Finally. It is… no. It is not. Knowledge is not. Knowledge is absent, vacant, missing. It simply is not, it does not exist. It is a void.

A void, that is knowledge. You may put whatever you want into it and even convince others that something is there but it very simply, is not.

There is no knowledge. Not a scrap of evidence to suggest any indication of its existence. It is not here, there. I do not have it and neither does he. It is not inside you and it is not outside. It is not obtainable or otherwise unobtainable for that matter.

Now, I am a man. A man who has endured. A man believed to be intelligent. Convinced even by myself that perhaps that statement has any significance. A man that is supposed to be wise. I should be able to answer your questions. I am believed to be able to give you hope in the absence of your own understanding, your grasp of knowledge. Surely, I have it.

I today stand as a self professed educator, a mentor and at times a prophet. If you take nothing else from me I wish you to take this: there is no knowledge and you are its slave. Knowledge is not power. For that to be true there would need to be knowledge. There is only power. Power that you submit to under lies, false pretenses that there is unarguably a knowledge that you are unable to obtain and unable to command. That what you have been told is true. That there is a right answer. Today you must understand, everything you attribute to knowledge is nothing more than a deception. You have been deceived.


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