Children Rejecting God

I used to proudly proclaim that I denounced religion all together at a very early age thinking that somehow it showed in me an advanced maturity that others would be hard pressed to attain at such an age. “I do not believe in God.” What could possibly inspire a child to utter such words? Today, it seems perverse, bizarre and impossible that it was “of my own accord.” Trying to justify the thoughts of a child in denouncing god as one of logical conclusion just doesn’t seem logical. We are not born with a desire to denounce spirituality, religion and most definitely not our creator. In fact, though I had prided myself for so long in my actions, any time I was approached by God I would feel an overwhelming wave of reassurance and serinity. Pride, pride kept me pushing away God. That wasn’t all, shame played a large role in my inability to confess not only my mistake in denouncing God but in my selfishness of not wanting to lose a self deluded idea that somehow denouncing God made me better. It didn’t, nothing about it made me better and I cannot and will not accept that somehow, at such an early age I figured out something that I believed to be not only correct but in conflict with everyone around me and thousands of years of praise and worship. I have been hard pressed, trying to figure out what could have tempted me so. You see, temptation is a nasty thing. It is in fact the work of Satan himself. Everyday we are tempted. Tempted with, television, fast food, convenience, sex, money and our own pride and selfishness. It has taken me far too long, not to recognize my mistake as I believe I have known all along it was a mistake, my own pride and temptation. We must all question not only those and things that surround us but ourselves as well. We must recognize when we have fooled ourselves and be able to admit when we are wrong, even if we must give up power, in what ever form it may take, in order to come to terms with what is true. God is true, he is here and he never left. Please, do not feel like you will be sacrificing yourself or a power you wish to have by denying yourself of God. There is NO greater power than that of the almighty and it is the only power you need to wield in order to be whole. This day I thank God for all he has done for me, even and especially, when I have denied him.


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